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About our company

As a young team we started to build webpages for different international companies and before long we were asked to register certain domains.

After seeing the potential cooperation between owning and building show-rooms for others we started to register domains from 2004 onwards and now offer to distributors or retail units to deviate certain domains we have on hold.


    Some show-rooms :



  • Interested in deviating domains (for free !) that we do have on hold and / or having us build a show-room ?


We offer the possibility to deviate domains that we enlisted to a show-room. 



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  • Never change a winning team 


Strangely enough we did never exchange in the last 15 years any employee.


This alone stands for a  matching team that has come to be attuned to each other like an orchestra.


If you think you need a new show-room in the internet feel free to contact us.





  • Experience


After more than 15 years of programming experience we started to focus mainly on creating internet show-rooms.


We do not see them as pages but as show-room of a brand, a product, a service or a company.


In the internet we have the possibility to present the clients wishes in the best way possible as to achieve the show-room the clients need.

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